Adesco Double Door Fire and Burglary Safe

When we first got this safe it was in horrible condition and we were forced to drill the top door open. This is a difficult task for a door with a TL-15 rating. After we got it open I completely repaired the bolt work and installed an electronic lock on both doors, plus gave it a nice paint job with a splatter coat and a gloss finish. We cant advertise the top door as still having a TL-15 rating, however it is still a burglary rated unit and would give anybody a very hard time to get open. The bottom door has never been drilled and is rated for a fire. The bottom door also features a key lock that can lock the safe from someone who knows the code. It is already very top heavy, but there is a panel at the top of the safe that can be removed and you can fill it with concrete, or have us do it for an extra charge, which will increase the weight of the safe as this unit cannot be bolted down easily. The concrete would surround the unit at the top which will give it a layer of fire protection but it would still not be rated for a fire. I’m led to believe this safe came out of a large upscale chain store originally before it was picked up by the people we got it from.

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