Access Control Systems – Installation and Service

Suncoast Safe & Lock provided many specialized services to enhance building security. Access control systems can address single, multi-door situations or entire buildings. We provide turnkey installation including all electrical and welding requirements.

Access Control System Services

  • Electronic Security Gates / Electrified Gates
  • Electronic Control
  • Electronic Door Locks
  • Single Point Door Alarms (Commercial)
  • Front Door / Back Door / Side Doors (Alarmed but rarely used)
  • Exit Devices (DETEX unit)

There are three major types of access control systems (excluding living guards)

  • Physical access control using locks and keys for various types of doors and gates
  • Electrified systems which can be manned or unmanned
  • Computerized (Electronic) access control which can include a variety of “credentials” to gain access. Credentials can be
    • Knowledge (keycodes, pass phrases etc.)
    • Possention (magnetic cards, smart cards, keyfobs)
    • Biometric (finger print, palm print, retina, facial recognition, etc.)

Electronic Locks & Computer Based Access Control

Electronic locks will retrofit most traditional doors and locks. They can be digital keypad battery operated or digital keypad wired to 110 volts, card or fob readers. Computer access systems are tied into your computer so you can rid yourself of traditional keys. This system will also be able to track the comings and goings of your employees or residents. Also, this type of system is great for common doors on condominiums or businesses with high turnover of employees – you can delete lost or unwanted fobs.

High Security Locks

Our high security locks will retrofit most traditional locks and doors. These locks cannot be drilled or picked easily and keys cannot be duplicated without the proper signatures. They are UL listed and can be put on a master key system.

Access Control and Security Installation Photos

Door Changed to Computer-based Control System

Electronic Deadbolts installed on a Home on Siesta Key

 Replaced Door Hardware to Increase Security

Push Paddle and Latch Lock installation

Electrified Gate Controlled by Computer

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