4 Safes, 4 Guys, 12 Hours

Recently we were hired to move four safes from the third floor of a building in downtown Sarasota to a new location in Sarasota. The safes weighed from 6000 pounds to 3000 pounds each. So the morning of we got there early and prepared the safe for transport. The Elevator was rated for 2200 pounds so we hired a crane to pull the safes through a skylight in the building. Crane was there on time but had to cut branches of the trees in order to get the crane up to the building. It was sort of like the game we played as kids, “Operation,” If the hits the sides you had a bad day. All went well considering the challenges. The weather was raining everywhere around us but not on us.. Thank you God… a long day. 12 hours for four guys. Enjoy the video.

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